Web Page Design



Process: The first thing that I did for my project was make my sketch. While making my sketch I had to look up which contraries the Alps go through. I also had to come up with a name for my fake website. I decided on Alphound because people that love skiing tend to be called “Ski Hounds.” After making the sketch I made my layout. My layout turned out different then my actual  sketch, because I changed my mind on a couple different things. After that I placed my content and information and my logo. After receiving some critique I made my website more like my original sketch.

Critique Process:  I gave critique to both Taylor Niu and Dawn Paul. I personal received great critique from both Sister Rockwood and Sister Van Sistine. They helped me a lot. Sister Rockwood pointed out somethings that I need to fix such as my spelling. Opps. Sister Van Sistine told me a lot about how I can make my project look better with alignment. They both told me to make my title larger so I did. I got a lot of good feed back which help me to make the best of my project.

Color Scheme: Split Complementary/ Orange Red, Blue green

Fonts: Bebas and Tekton

Links to Images:





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