9A Photographic Study Project

For this project I got my idea to use a statue of Joseph Smith reading the scriptures while studying in the living room of my home where the statue sits on top of a curio cabinet. I thought that the statue would be fun and show good detail through the pictures.
imageI love this picture because, it shows good detail on the statue as well as the rock it is on.

imageI like the lighting on this one, but I preferred the one in my project that similar to this one because it showed more detail.

imageI like this one because of the way that it focuses on his head and the rest is blurry.

Process: I began by selecting a subject and location. Using my Cannon Rebel T5, I positioned my subject in various situations at the location site and photographed it. I varied the position, lighting, angle and camera settings. Upon completion of the photo shoot, I used Lightroom to edit the images. I imported the edited images into Adobe Photoshop to create my project.

Critique: I posted my rough draft on the Facebook page for peer and teacher feedback. Jennifer Rockwood, Carol Enriquez, Keestan Willes, and Sister Van Sistine posted feedback. I took the critiques offered into consideration. Sister Van Sistine and Jennifer Rockwood reminded me to change my fonts and align my images. I took the opportunity to critique Bailey Alexander and Yurili Castillio. I encouraged them to use different focal points and clear text.

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