Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Cuties

Objective: Make a info-graphic about why people should eat cutie Mandarin oranges. Have the info-graphic show why Cuties are good for the consumer and why people like them.

Strategy: Share on social media and make it stand out.


Process and Reasoning: My first step to my project was to figure out which project I wanted to do and which company. I decided to do Cuties because I think that they are healthy and delicious, and would make a great info-graphic.  I chose to use the colors orange, blue, and yellow to go with the cuties label. I put all of my text inside circles because the mandarin oranges are circles, and I think really tied it together.

Critique: I critiqued both Emily Paul and Jennifer Rockwood. I received good critique from Mary McAlister, Emily Paul, Sister Van Sistine and Jennifer Rockwood. I took their advice and I made the text more easy to read. I mage the circle better match the logo and I made it more easy to read.

One thought on “Social Media Marketing Project

  1. Great job McKinley! Your color choices and graphics work beautifully together. the font style matches with the theme and design and the layout is very eye catching. It looks fabulous!

    Here is a link to a blog by Bailey Alexander who also did an infographic that I think you might like.

    If you have minute I would love to hear what you think about my social media project.

    Thanks! Dawn


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