Slide Design Project

Slide Design PowerPoint 

Speaker’s Outline

Discovering the Divinity Within

  1. We serve
  • Divine nature gives us a desire to serve.
  • Heavenly father will give us strength to serve.
  1. We know why
  • “The divine nature within each one of us is refined and magnified by the effort we make to draw nearer to our Father and His Son.”
  1. We are loved
  • We understand divine nature when we feel god’s love.
  • We understand how god feels about us and that we are hid children.
  1. We Learn
  • God wants us to learn eternal truths.
  1. We draw closer to god
  • We understand our purpose on earth
  • Serving others is serving god.


My first step was to figure out which talk I would use for my PowerPoint. I decided on a talk by Sister Rosemary Wixom called,”Discovering the Divinity Within.” After that I made my speakers outline and sketch. While making my first draft I focused too much on my color scheme. This took away from the design. On my final draft I focused a lot on the design which made it look more clean cut. img_2395

Critique Report

Gave critique to a few people from the Facebook page. I received great critique from Sister Van Sistine. She told me that I should tie my pictures more together, because my pictures where both objects and people. I changed it to be all people. Then I did as advised, and change my font. I added new design element that tied all of the slides together.

Font: Tahoma/ Sans Serif 

Link to Talk:

Photo Links:



One thought on “Slide Design Project

  1. Mckinley, I loved your slide design project. I think using all people to tie your slides together was a great idea and really helped me relate to each slide. I also liked your design element of the transparent triangles in the bottom corner and then you also had the three dots after the wording on all of the slides but the last one, letting us know that it was the final slide. I think you did a great job. Check out another great design by Keestan Anderson Willes at and mine if you have a chance at


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