Event Flier


Process: When I thought of an event flyer I immediately thought of something like what I did. My first step was to find a picture that would be best for a Bachelor Auction. I then cropped it and made it have no background. I had a hard time with finding a background. I knew I did not want a solid color, so I looked for a good patterned background that would go with my color scheme. Once I got the background and picture in place I put in the text and the design elements.

Critique: I was given good feed back by sister Van Sistine and Jennifer Rockwood. Sister Van Sistine told me what I should get rid of and to align my text better. I was told it looked masculine and I’m trying to reach out to women, so I changed my fount to make it less masculine.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic

Text: Title/ Narkisim , Body Copy/ Arial

Photo Credits/ http://cdn.wallpapersafari.com/17/75/U3iuxl.jpg   and   http://www.totalsportsasia.com/DigitalBrochure/backgrounds/bg1.jpg



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