Tasteful Typography



Process: The first thing I did was decide on a theme. I went through a lot of ideas, but I decided on nature as a theme. From there I searched for a quote to use, when I found a quote I then decided to find a picture. After searching for some time for a picture I decided to use one of my own pictures that I took. From there I placed every ting on the word document and then went from there. After I fished I converted it to a PDF then into a Jpeg. When I got it into a jpeg I posted it on Com125 Facebook page to receive critique. Then I edited it.

Critique Report: I gave some critique to a few of the people in the classes. I critiqued Dawn Paul’s and Gustav Henryk Maia’s. I revived a lot of good critique.  Erika Davila she told me that it blended into the background too much so i fixed that. Bailey Alexander she gave me some ideas of how to make the word pop more. Sister Van Sistine gave me a lot of good critique she showed me what I could do to fix my spacing issue that I had plus a lot of good tips.

This was from when I made it in word. 


Link to Quote: http://quotesgram.com/best-anne-frank-quotes/ 

Fonts: Title/ Rockwell, Body Copy/ Franklin Gothic Medium 

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